In the shadow of Mt. Rose, where the high desert meets the sierras; The Domes at White’s Creek offers visitors the best of both worlds.

Only 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, and 20 minutes to downtown, its central location makes traveling to and from the Domes a breeze.

Nearby hot springs, hiking and biking trails out the back door, and the soothing sounds of White’s creek permeating every room in the house… What more could one ask for a relaxing getaway destination.


The construction of The Domes was completed in January of 1981, and has been a landmark for the healing community in Reno ever since. Owner James Matthewson has always had a great passion for health & wellness, sustainability, and the healing arts.

His love for animals and nature, and great appreciation of art and beauty can be seen in the incredibly detailed structural and decorative woodwork throughout the domes.

The vision and intention of The Domes has always been to host groups of 10 to 12 people to come and have a transformative and healing experience surrounded by nature.


$79/night – $109 Weekend / Holiday
Big Dome Bed 1
$99/night – $129 Weekend/Holiday
Big Dome Bed 2
$199/night – $249 Weekend / Holiday
Small Dome Loft
$349/night – $399 Weekend/Holiday
Big Dome Loft
Price info here
Small Dome Bed
Daily: $599 – $699 Weekend/Holiday
Large Group Rentals

About Geodesic Domes

  • A hemispherical structure based on a geodesic polyhedron. The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size.
  • R. Buckminster Fuller is credited with the U.S. popularization of the idea for which he received as U.S. patent on June 29th June 1954.
  • The geodesic dome appealed to Fuller because it was extremely strong for its weight; its “omnitriangulated” surface provided an inherently stable structure, and because a sphere encloses the greatest volume for the least surface area.
  • The Domes at White’s Creek consist of one 45’ diameter dome “the big dome” that was built with a full basement, and a 39’ diameter dome “the small dome”. The two are connected by a breezeway/entranceway that faces south and soaks up the heat of the sun even in the harshest of winters.



30 minutes over Mt. Rose Highway to Incline village, Lake Tahoe and nearby beaches and trails.


1 hour to Pyramid Lake


Abundant Hiking in Mt. Rose Wilderness – direct access to white’s creek and Thomas creek trails


30 minutes to Carson Hot Springs


1 hour to Sierra Hot Springs


10 minutes to Steamboat Hot springs


Gorgeous Babbling creek on the property is ideal for summertime cool offs or wintertime polar plunges!

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Phone: 530-386-2657

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